The TrueKast Total Cushioning System incorporates Patent-Pending TFP Technology from the TrueKast Total Contact Cast to provide 21st CenturyAdvanced Cushioning “Reactive” materials instead of depending solely on gauze/cotton wraps alone. The Total Foot Protection Foam Pad provides an upgrade to cast padding and gauze.Foam is “Reactive” – it compresses and expands to meet pressure changes. Standardmaterials break down after 2-3 days, compressing and disintegrating under the stresses ofmoisture and pressure. The TFP replaces expensive foam dressings used to pad the wound. The TrueKast Total Cushioning System’s All-in-one design offers a Standardized approach to skin/woundcushioning.

Are you still using standard cast padding, gauze, and elastic wraps to protect wounds on the foot & ankle, skinsubstitutes or grafts, painful wounds, surgical wounds/sutures, or the fragile skin of a newly closed wound? Areyou still using expensive shoes or boots for Offloading and Cushioning when you are NOT using a TotalContact Cast? It’s time to upgrade to 21st Century Technology in materials, design, and standardizationin Foot& Ankle cushioning and offloading.

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