Finally, the Traditional Total Contact Cast has received a 21st Century update. We started with the best of the traditional TCC features that have made it the “Gold Standard” for offloading diabetic foot ulcers: A Rigid Cast Wall combined with an Embedded Posterior Splint, Enforced Compliance with an Attached Walking Surface, and a Wrapping Pattern that ensures Intimate Contact and Conformity to Effectively Transfer Weight from the Plantar surface to the Calf. Then we added New, Patent-Pending Technologies such as: The Quicksaw Removal System, Lock and Walk Footplates, and the TFP foam protection system. With Quicksaw Technology, WoundKair Concepts has produced the first commercially available TCC that DOES NOT NEED A CAST SAW for removal.

Are you using a TCC product? Or are you using an INTEGRATED TCC SYSTEM to provide the Offloading, Comfort, Protection, and Safety your Diabetic, Neuropathic Foot Ulcer Patients both need and want? Take a close look at The TrueKast Total Contact Casting “System of Systems” which incorporates multiple Patent Pending Technologies to address your TCC needs & concerns.

Product Information

Learn all about the TrueKast and its Clinical Efficacy, Pressure Mapping Study, Sizes and Configurations, Indications and Contraindications, and Instructions for Use.

TrueKast Patent-Pending Technology

Learn all about the TrueKast “System of Systems” incorporating new, Patent-Pending Technologies for Cast Removal (No Cast Saw), Patient Protection, and Ambulation Stability .

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Discover what caregivers and patients have experienced using the TrueKast Total Contact Casting System. You will find success stories in Hospital Wound Centers, Nursing Homes, and even in areas with no facilities at all.


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General Casting Information

Learn more about casting and its place in the offloading of Plantar Wounds.