Finally, the Traditional Total Contact Cast has received a 21st Century update. We started with the best of the traditional TCC features that have made it the “Gold Standard” for offloading diabetic foot ulcers: A Rigid Cast Wall combined with an Embedded Posterior Splint, Enforced Compliance with an Attached Walking Surface, and a Wrapping Pattern that ensures Intimate Contact and Conformity to Effectively Transfer Weight from the Plantar surface to the Calf. Then we added New, Patent-Pending Technologies such as: The Quicksaw Removal System, Lock and Walk Footplates, and the TFP foam protection system. With Quicksaw Technology, WoundKair Concepts has produced the first commercially available TCC that DOES NOT NEED A CAST SAW for removal.

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Are you using a TCC product? Or are you using an INTEGRATED TCC SYSTEM to provide the Offloading, Comfort, Protection, and Safety your Diabetic, Neuropathic Foot Ulcer Patients both need and want? Take a close look at The TrueKast Total Contact Casting “System of Systems” which incorporates multiple Patent Pending Technologies to address your TCC needs & concerns

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