INDICATIONS – The True Kast Total Cushioning System is indicated/intended for the padding and cushioning of the foot and ankle in patients with:

  • Non-infected foot and ankle open wounds
  • Post-Reconstruction / Post-Operative care (surgical wounds, grafts, skin substitutes, suture lines, etc.
  • Pre-ulcerative conditions

The True Kast Total Cushioning System is intended to be used with patients that are not infected and have adequate bloody supply to foot and ankle, in conjunction with standard wound care regimens where wounds are present.


CONTRAINDICATIONS – The True Kast Total Cushioning System is contraindicated for use in:

  • Ulcers that have signs of clinical infection
  • Patients with vascular status inadequate for healing
  • Patients allergic to True Kast Total Cushioning System component(s)


True KAST TCS Components

Toe Cotton (A), a thick, padded Stockinette (B), and our Patent-Pending, Total Foot Protection Pad Technology (C) help to ensure patient comfort, complete coverage of the foot and ankle, and cushioning of wounds or fragile healed skin. 2 layers of ultra-soft cast padding fan-folded under the plantar surface plus 1 layer of cast padding (D) and 1 layer of gauze wrapped circumferentially (E), provide cushioning for ambulation, system durability, and strength.6 LAYERS OF PADDING IN ALL! A cohesive bandage wrap (F) covers, protects, and supports the underlying layers. A soft, durable, flexible cast shoe (G) provides a stable walking surface for patient confidence and safety.

True KAST TCS Application