The TrueKast Plantar Cushioning System incorporates a Customized, 7-Layer Posterior Splint with Patent-Pending TFP Technology from the TrueKast Total Contact Cast to provide an alternative method of Offloading for patients that cannot be casted.  Limited Fixation of Dorsiflexion and Plantar Extension is combined with 21st CenturyAdvanced Cushioning “Reactive” materials instead of depending solely on gauze/cotton wraps alone. The Total Foot Protection Foam Pad provides an upgrade to cast padding and gauze.Foam is “Reactive” – it compresses and expands to meet pressure changes. Standardmaterials break down after 2-3 days, compressing and disintegrating under the stresses ofmoisture and pressure. The TFP replaces expensive foam dressings used to pad the wound. The TrueKast Splinted Cushioning System’s All-in-one design offers a Standardized approach to Limited Fixation. Increased Pressure Equalization and skin/woundcushioning.

Are you still using standard cast padding, gauze, and elastic wraps to protect wounds on the foot & ankle, skinsubstitutes or grafts, painful wounds, surgical wounds/sutures, or the fragile skin of a newly closed wound? Areyou still using expensive shoes or boots for Offloading, Protection, and Fixation when you are NOT using a TotalContact Cast? It’s time to upgrade to 21st Century Technology in materials, design, and standardizationin Foot& Ankle cushioning, offloading, and fixation.

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