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Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic / Kent State College of Podiatric Medicine , Cleveland, Ohio

Clinician: Dr. Windy Cole, DPM

Adjunct Faculty & Wound Care Program; Director Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic

The patient is a 55-year-old diabetic male with Wagner Grade 1 ulcer of the plantar aspect of the left great toe. Ulcer duration is over one year.  Patient had 5 weeks of therapy including the TrueKast with Quicksaw Technology Total Contact Casting System until healing occurred.

Date of Treatment Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) % Volume Decrease
02/20/18 14 13 8  
03/16/18 8 6 6 80%
04/03/18 1 2 0 99%
04/10/18       Healed

Chambersburg Hospital Wound Center & Summit Podiatry Group, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Summit Podiatry Clinicians:

Peter Holdaway, DPM,  Katherine E. Cashdollar, DPM, Michael Roy Cashdollar, DPM,  Michael S Husar, DPM, John Sekel, DPM,   Lisa Price, DPM

Patient is a 54-year-old male with a Right Great Toe wound. Patient has a history of diabetes but has always been well controlled. Patient has had the wound for a year during which he was wearing diabetic shoes and used crutches. Wound size was 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.6. Summit Podiatry decided to use the TrueKast with Quicksaw Technology Total Contact Casting System on patient and within 5 weeks after Casting was initiated, the patient’s wound was well approximated.

Wound Care Plus, LLC, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois

Martha R. Kelso, RN, HBOT, CEO, WCP.

Martha Kelso is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wound Care Plus, LLC,

the largest mobile wound care provider in the Midwest.

Case is ongoing treatment of a Diabetic wound of the right heel that has been present for 2 years. Wound Care Plus, LLC started treating the patient in November 2017. Xray prior to application of total contact cast was negative for osteomyelitis and positive for a heel spur. ABI 0.9. Client propels self in wheelchair utilizing right heel for mobility. Patient is obese with poor nutritional intake.  Utilizing the TrueKAST with Quicksaw Technology Total Contact Cast System along with standard of care principals (i.e. synergistic debridement, moist wound healing, appropriate dressing selection) the wound has had significant reduction in area and volume.

This significant reduction has not occurred in the previous two years despite standard of care being utilized. The wound was resurfaced on June 1, 2018 and client was discharged off caseload.

Medical Mission International

Madeleine Allard RN, BN,

CW Founder & Director of Medical Mission International

“I want to thank you and your company for the training I received in New Hampshire before going to Togo. We are very pleased with the ease of use of this system. My assistant in Togo has already used it three times and we already are starting to see improvement on our young patient’s pressure ulcer. Your system is a good fit for us because we don’t have electricity in the bush.”   Madeleine Allard RN, BN, CW

As the director, Madeleine is the liaison between North American Church volunteers, National Christian Organizations, and governmental authorities. Madeleine started to introduce wound care in all the medical outreaches done in Africa, since many patients came with chronic wounds. Many people in Africa suffer from chronic wounds; this number is even higher among the population living in the bush. These people have no access to specialized nursing and their wounds get worse for lack of proper care. MMI provides wound care during bush outreaches. These projects are done in the bush, outside of the city of Sokode, where the needs of the people are the greatest.