TCC “System of Systems”

Are you using a TCC product? Or are you using an INTEGRATED TCC SYSTEM to provide the Offloading, Comfort, Protection, and Safety your Diabetic, Neuropathic Foot Ulcer Patients both need and want? Take a close look below at The TrueKast Total Contact Casting “System of Systems” which incorporates multiple Patent Pending Technologies to address your TCC needs & concerns.

Offloading System – Total Contact Cast (TCC)

The TrueKast begins with a Fiberglass Total Contact Cast Offloading System including a 7 Layer Posterior Splint. The Lightweight (34.oz) TrueKast Fiberglass Wall and Posterior Splint are made with a quick drying formulation which allows for removal, application, and weight bearing ambulation in less than 20 minutes. Plantar Offloading is demonstrated via pressure testing.

Removal System – QuickSaw Technology (QST)

Incorporated within the TrueKast is the Patent-Pending QuickSaw (QST) Removal System – No Cast Saw Needed.  The Quicksaw System provides for safe, fast, and patient friendly removal of the TCC while eliminating the risks of patient injury due to the use of a cast saw.  It also reduces the amount of cast debris and aerosolized cast dust produced by a vibrating power tool.

Protection System – Total Foot Protection (TFP)

The TrueKast is the first commercial TCC kit offering the Patent-Pending Total Foot Protection (TFP) Cushioning System. The TFP pad provides high density, foam cushioning for patient comfort & protection from injury to bony prominences and soft tissue structures overthe entire foot and ankle surface. Perforated, soft, and resilient, it affords you and your patients the protection needed in a TCC.

Stability System – Traction Stability System (TSS)

The TrueKast has made remarkable advances in ambulatory stability with its Patent-Pending Traction Stability System (TSS) Walking Surfaces. Multiple options are available for your patient’s needs. The enclosed footplates ensure patient compliance as they are an integral part of the cast itself and are non-removable.

Option (1) – Footplates with “Lock and Walk” Technology (Small, Large, and TMA), these walking surfaces provide traction & stability.

Option (2) – Cast Shoe with special leveling plate for patients who require a different walking surface for maximum stability.

What Can TrueKast Do for Your Clinic?

AMPUTATION PREVENTION – Patients treated with TCC have fewer amputations and high healing rates.

FASTER PATIENT PASS THROUGH – TrueKast can be removed, applied, and walked on in less than 20 minutes.

SAFER WAY TO CAST – TrueKast’s Patent Pending Technology helps to reduce the risks of injury from secondary ulcerations, patient ambulation, and removal of the cast.

GREATER PATIENT ACCEPTANCE – TrueKast’s lightweight, comfortable design is acceptable to most patients.

LCD COMPLIANCE – Total Contact Casting provides the Offloading necessary for the Good Wound Care standards of the LCDs for Hyperbarics and Skin Substitutes