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TrueKAST with QuickSaw Technology Total Contact Casting System

The TrueKast with Patent Pending Quicksaw, Total Foot Protection, and Traction Stability System “Lock and Walk” Technologies has a clinician-driven design providing one of the lightest, strongest, and safest TCC available today. Quicksaw Technology allows for the safe and fast removal of the TCC with NO CAST SAW NEEDED. Total Foot Protection Technology Cushions the entire foot in High Density Foam. The Traction Stability System Technology offers multiple Walking Surface options to keep your patients safe. With an application time of less than eight minutes and a weight-bearing dry time of 8 minutes, the TrueKast provides the “Gold Standard” in offloading diabetic foot ulcers.


  • True3 Digital Mattress System
  • TrueKAST with QuickSaw Technology Orthopedic Casting System