Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of TCC. Healing rates of plantar ulceration have been reported to range from 73% to 100%. Seven RCTs and 1 meta-analysis shows that TCC has a healing rate of about 90%, typically within 6 to 8 weeks. Lavery, et al., demonstrated a reduction of peak plantar pressure at the ulcer site ranging from 81% to 92%. The TrueKast offers even more evidence of offloading efficacy through pressure testing:

Pressure Testing

This was a pressure mapping comparison study. Thirty minutes after application we compared pressures after standing for two minutes. (Fig 1) Test subject in tennis shoe. (Fig 2) Test subject in Roll-On cast with a walking boot. (Fig 3) Test Subject in TrueKast with Quicksaw technology. TrueKast improved offloading over a roll-on cast with a walking boot by 142%.

TrueKAST TCC Product Visual Guide

The TrueKast with QuickSaw Technology comes in a complete, one size casting kit which includes your choice of walking surface. You may choose either the Footplate Option (Small Footplate, Large Footplate, TMA Footplate) or the Cast Shoe Option (XL Cast Shoe, XXL Cast Shoe).

TrueKAST TCC Indications

Diabetic foot ulcers on heel, mid-foot, or plantar surface.

Post – operative wounds on heel, mid-foot, or plantar surface.

Delayed closure of wounds on heel, mid-foot, or plantar surface.

Pressure injuries on heel, mid-foot, or plantar surface.

Acute wounds on heel, mid-foot, or plantar surface.

Sub-acute wounds on heel, mid-foot, or plantar surface.

Early Phases of Charcot fracture/ dislocations.

Post reconstruction Charcot foot ulcers on heel, mid-foot, or plantar surface.

TrueKAST TCC Contraindications

Untreated Infection/Osteomyelitis

Ulcer deeper than width

Excessive foot or leg swelling

Poor vascular status

Non-compliance with visits, etc…

What Can TrueKAST TCC Do for Your Clinic?

AMPUTATION PREVENTION – Patients treated with TCC have fewer amputations and high healing rates.

FASTER PATIENT PASS THROUGH – TrueKast TCC can be removed, applied, and walked on in less than 20 minutes.

SAFER WAY TO CAST – TrueKast TCC’s Patent Pending Technology helps to reduce the risks of injury from secondary ulcerations, patient ambulation, and removal of the cast.

GREATER PATIENT ACCEPTANCE – TrueKast TCC’s lightweight, comfortable design is acceptable to most patients.

LCD COMPLIANCE – Total Contact Casting provides the Offloading necessary for the Good Wound Care standards of the LCDs for Hyperbarics and Skin Substitutes.